Welcome to JayCordes.com


Hi, I'm Jay.  I'm a data wonk who loves him some geek stuff.  I've also got a mean triangle choke and write electronic music that's begging for a video game that's worthy of it. However, I spend most of my time as a data science who's used his powers for good (most recently, designing and conducting experiments for DomainSponsor) and evil (turning $50 into >$30k playing online poker).

But enough about me!  This site is about sharing data analysis tips for the "reality-based community", comedy gold and updates for the geek-based community, and cat pictures for the cat-based community.

Geek culture


Sci-Fi movies, Game of Thrones,

scientists, quantum physics, and electronic music.  

How can anyone not love this stuff?



Poker, Backgammon, and Chess.  

Who are the top humans

and who are the top machines?

Data Science


The art of extracting knowledge

from data.

Allow me to share my obsessions...

BOOKS â€‹from my professor buddies.  Enjoy!