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Poker, Backgammon, and Chess.  

Who are the top humans

and who are the top machines?

Geek culture


Sci-Fi movies, Game of Thrones,

scientists, quantum physics, and electronic music.  

How can anyone not love this stuff?

Allow me to share my obsessions...

Welcome to


Hi, I'm Jay, a data wonk who loves him some geek stuff. I've also got a mean triangle choke and write electronic music that's begging for a video game that's worthy of it. However, I spend most of my time as a data science who's used his powers for good (most recently, designing and conducting experiments to boost profitability for DomainSponsor) and evil (turning $50 into >$30k playing online poker).

This site is about sharing data analysis tips for the "reality-based community" and teaching the next generation of data scientists how to avoid the 9 Pitfalls of Data Science.

Data Science


The art of extracting knowledge

from data.